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      Delivering the EthicalFactorSM
How to: differentiate your service; build your brand; develop more revenue

About Us
Focus, Topics and Take Aways
Letters from Professional Service Clients
About Developer and Presenter, Fred Firestone, J.D., M.Ed.
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About Us

The Ethical Selling* Institute, a subsidiary of Sempact, Inc., provides training, speaking (keynotes, breakouts) and coaching to professional service providers on how to add significant perceived value to themselves and their firms by building more of the EthicalFactorSM, defined as trust (genuineness), credibility (believability) and partnership (customer focus and accountability), into their services. We believe that doing so is not just the right thing to do; it is the ultimate differentiator.  

Since Sempact's founding in 1988, our primary focus has been on providing clients with a logical, integrity-based differentiation process that, we're humbled and proud to say, has yielded significant results. In addition to professional service firms, our EthicalFactorSM clients include large (Anheuser-Busch, DuPont, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, AT&T, the United States Postal Service) as well as small companies and individuals. Our approach is discussed in a recent article: PullingAhead of the Competition: Developing and Selling Your Competitive Advantage.

*Our definition of selling is not the conventional one. We take a broad look; it encompasses any moment of truth (animate or inanimate) that influences clients' perceptions of service image.

Professional service firms who become our clients come to us sharing the following:
  • They believe their systems and people provide greater client value than their competition.
  • They're concerned because the "greater client value" they provide is not necessarily reflected in their practice development numbers.
  • They are looking for ways to enhance their clients' and prospective clients' perceptions of their value.
  • And, they believe that delivering more of the EthicalFactorSM will further their practice-building objective.
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Focus and Topics
  • The cruciality of differentiation when supply exceeds demand
  • Understanding the differentiation model -- the core and the value-added outer core
  • Why the definition of service quality is never static
  • Why there is only one form of quality -- what the client says it is
  • Tag line or statement of differentiation?
  • The difference between "conformance" quality and "relative perceived" quality
  • How to avoid "commodity" thinking, the sure-fire path to mediocrity
  • Defining your competitive advantage
  • Why you want to defy conventional wisdom and not do what your competitors are doing
  • The "Superior Client Experience" model
  • What clients want from professionals service providers
  • Why satisified is not good enough
  • Outer core opportunities
  • How to use the EthicalFactorSM as the ultimate competitive advantage
  • How to use the EthicalFactorSM as a means to keep what you have; develop more opportunites from existing clients; and develop new business
  • The crucial touch points that influence your service image
  • Why "selling" needs to be broadly defined to include all touch points
  • Value of "in-person impression power"
  • The role of engagement: how to do it; how not to do it
  • Practice development techniques without using conventional selling
  • Why conventional selling techniques are anathem to the EthicalFactorSM
  • How to determine the crucial touch points that define service image
  • How to do an effective introduction and not mention your "qualifications"
  • The power of Executive Briefings
  • Every professional can develop business
  • How to defy conventional wisdom and thrive when doing presentations
  • Where to put marketing dollars for mimimum and maximum impact
  • What factors cause client loyalty
  • How to secure testimonials and referrals from "highly satisfied" clients
  • How clients feel when their expectations are not exceeded
  • How to leverage relationships established with existing clients
  • Why the definition of service quality is never static
  • How to engage clients so that they know you understand their issues better than anyone else
  • Why your marketing efforts should establish you as the "good housekeeping seal of approval"
  • "Superior Client Experience" implementation process
Take Aways
  • Develop ten ways to immediately enhance your firm's ability to deliver the EthicalFactorSM and, insodoing, add significant value
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Letters from Professional Service Clients

Attorney (Peter Sloan, Partner, Blackwell, Sanders, Peper, Martin)
CPA (Richard Kraner, Stone Carlie)
Chiropractic College (Kim Ownbey, Director of Marketing and Human Relations, Logan Health Centers)
Business Consultants (Bob Serben, Director, Center for Business, Industry and Labor)
Non-Profit Executive Director (Robin Feder, Executive Director, Central Institute for the Deaf)
Engineer (Matthew Houser, PE, CONTECH)
Banker (Lisa Frick, Vice President, Royal Banks)
Association of Technical Consultants (Martha Ludewig, Vice President, Association of Information Technology Professionals)
IRS Attorneys and CPAs (Paul Hendrickson, President American Society of IRS Problem Solvers)
Professional Salesperson (Kevin Horth, Lighting Service Inc.)
Professional Salesperson (James Winkelman, Longrow Holdings)
Other Letters

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About Workshop Developer and Presenter, Fred Firestone, J.D., M.Ed.

In 1988, Fred drew upon his experience as an attorney and counselor and founded Sempact, Inc., the parent company of the Ethical Selling Institute.  For the past twenty-one ears he has traveled the country speaking with businesses about improving their performance using the ethicalfactorSM. His clients include Anheuser-Busch, DuPont, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, AT&T, the United States Postal Service as well as professional service providers. 2001 article: Consultant Helps Businesses To Differentiate Service From Competitors

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