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“SATISFACTION,” is SEMPACT's newest product/service.   Based loosely  on  “Family Feud,”  “SATISFACTION”  is  a game show with bells and lights designed to entertain and energize groups as large as hundreds of people.  The game show aspect of “SATISFACTION” is merely one element of an impactful corporate improvement program.

Our program is celebratory.  It is a diagnostic.  It improves performance.  It furthers teamwork.  While the show is clearly fun for participants, it accomplishes much more.


SEMPACT, INC. is a St. Louis-based company in the business of providing service excellence, value added, marketing, sales and management seminars to a wide range of businesses.  The theme common to everything we do is that businesses can further differentiate their products/services by further exceeding the service expectations of their customers.  DuPont, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, Laclede Gas, 3M and the United States Postal Service are a sampling of our clientele.  Client List

We believe that service only becomes a competitive advantage when it results in customers’/guests’/clients’ expectations being exceeded.  Further, notwithstanding what a mission statement or customer commitment policy says, if customers don’t perceive their expectations have been exceeded by front-liners during crucial moments of truth, they haven’t been.

“SATISFACTION” is an out-growth of our service excellence/value added seminars which include a diagnostic evaluation that takes the form of data collection, focus groups and/or surveys.  This diagnostic lays for the foundation for effective action planning.  Realizing how important effective diagnostic work is to the success of our seminars, we came up with the idea of utilizing this information in other ways that could serve to improve performance.

How Program Works

1.  Employee or customer surveys or focus groups and/or data collection are done to discern how SEMPACT’s client could more effectively further whatever business objectives it is looking to pursue.  The key here is that this information is diagnostic.  It will lay the foundation for effective action planning designed to improve performance.  In addition to gathering serious information necessary to improve performance (e.g. “What three things could we do in our department to enhance sales or deliver greater customer satisfaction?”), some questions invite people to play.  The question, “The CEO reminds you most of what sitcom character?” is such an example.  This is consistent with SEMPACT’s philosophy that fun built on a foundation of integrity is a crucial element to the success of any seminar or corporate improvement program.

2.  The game show itself consists of teams of four or five competing to identify some of the pre-determined answers, including those that have invited people to play.  The twelve-foot set has been designed to convey fun and humor to a group as large as several hundred people, yet is easily broken down and transported.  Contestants could be chosen because of their accomplishments (sales, customer service, improvement ideas).  It could take the form of different departments taking on one another, or the top performers in one region or company squaring off with the top performers in another.  If done properly, earning the right to qualify for a berth in the “SATISFACTION” tournament could in and of itself enhance performance.  The bi-product of this could be a renewed sense of energy and enhanced teamwork.  (Video is available.)

3.  The show could be incorporated in with any activity designed to celebrate or publicly acknowledge performance.  It could be used as an element of a business meeting, a component of a training intervention or as an entertainment event.

4. The summary of all the original survey/focus group/data information (not just the information used in the “SATISFACTION” game show) is provided to the client.  This lays the foundation for SEMPACT’s service excellence/ value added seminars that focus on strengths/weaknesses/opportunities that come out of the information collected.


Don Bertram (636)583-5195 ex.2415 (client:  Ford Motor Company)

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