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On a selective basis, Fred Firestone, principal and founder of the Ethical Selling Institute, takes on a limited number of long-term consulting projects and executive coaching clients.


The Ethical Selling* Institute, a subsidiary of Sempact, Inc., provides training, speaking (keynotes, breakouts) and coaching to companies and organizations on how to pull ahead of the competition by building more of the EthicalFactor (Trust, Credibility and Partnership) into their products and services. We believe that doing so is not just the right thing to do; it is the ultimate differentiator.  

*Our definition of selling is not the conventional one.  We take a broad look; it encompasses any moment of truth that influences perceptions of service image.  Thus, all people who have contact with customers/clients/guests/patients would be involved in "selling."

Since Sempact's birth in 1988, we've refined our approach to provide clients with a logical, integrity-based process that, we're humbled and proud to say, has yielded significant results. Our EthicalFactor clients come from the following industries and professions: printing, insurance, waste management, law, architecture, engineering, industrial equipment, banking, roofing, direct mail, broadcasting, brokerage, automobile, graphic design, accounting, remodeling, construction, consulting.... Clients include large (DuPont, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, AT&T, the United States Postal Service, Anheuser-Busch) as well as small companies and individuals.  Letters of Recommendation

Regardless of their size, they have the following in common: they are looking for more ways to enhance their customers'/clients'/guests'/patients' perception of their trust, credibility and partnership, which will serve to enhance their business or organization.

Firestone's academic credentials include a Masters in Counseling (M.Ed.) and a Law Degree (J.D.).

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If interested, please call (314)863-4000 or email us.

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