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Business Motivation Seminars
for companies that need the right speaker for their right message

I am the principal of the Ethical Selling Institute (, a subsidiary of Sempact, Inc., and for the past twenty-two years have been in the business of doing, "Business Motivation Seminars" for companies across the country.

What are Business Motivation Seminars? We provide speakers who deliver a company's message (to its internal or external customers/prospects) in a seminar format with the objective of motivating participants to accept a position and/or take specific action.  In our Business Motivation Seminars instead of ethical selling being the message, we draw on its principles in conveying our clients' messages in a way that influences and motivates.

Clients come to us with the following situation:

  • They believe in the viability and integrity of their product or service or message to benefit their target market.
  • They see the seminar as an effective marketing tool and often have a message that engages participants to want to attend their seminar.
  • They have developed a seminar designed to engage/motivate participants.
  • They're in need of a seminar presenter/motivator who will be able to significantly improve their performance without compromising the integrity they've worked so hard to establish. 
If any of this is familiar, please consider if our Business Motivation Seminars Guiding Principles resonate:
  1. First and foremost, we have to believe in the viability of the message.  If we don't, we can't be effective.  Our potential relationship would require that we believe that seminar participants could benefit significantly if they were to own your message, products or services.  If the seminar leader doesn't believe, s/he comes across as less than sincere and people don't connect.
  2. Our methods of motivation are based on our ethical selling principles of trust (genuineness), credibility (believability) and partnership (customer focus and accountability). Please see article that sets forth these principles: PullingAhead of the Competition: Developing and Selling Your Competitive Advantage.
  3. In order to successfully motivate, it is crucial that participants perceive that our seminar leader "gets them"; that is to say that s/he understands the concerns/issues/expectations they brought into the room.  If they know s/he "gets them" they will have connected and will be more favorably pre-disposed to the message.  Along these lines I'm including article that describes the value of connecting: WOWEDFactor: A Key to Business Differentiation.

I personally have used these principles in doing business motivation seminars for the following companies:

AT&T, Baylor Healthcare Systems, Baymont Hotels, Boatmen's Bank, Brown Shoe, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Epic Healthcare Group, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Credit, General American Life, The Good Guys!, Goodyear, Herman's Sporting Goods, Illinois Power, Kraft Foods, Mallinkrodt Medical, Monsanto, Montgomery Ward, Nabisco, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Pepsi, Ralston Purina, Revlon, Southwestern Bell, Shell Oil, 3M, Toro Irrigation Services, United Healthcare, UPS, USAir, Utilicorp, Via Rail Canada, Vons Supermarkets and Wetterau

For your consideration, here are a sampling of letters received from business motivation clients: Enterprise Rent-A-Car - 1,
Enterprise Rent-A-Car -2, AT&T-1, AT&T-2, AT&T-3,
3M, Ford Motor Company, Baymont Hotels, Baylor Health Care System -- taken from our letters web page.

Thanks for taking the time to review our material.  I would look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Fred Firestone
Principal and Chief Motivator
Ethical Selling Institute
(314) 863-4000

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